Cascade Sound & Stage Lighting Partners L-Acoustics

Oregon-based Cascade Sound & Stage Lighting has joined the L-Acoustics network, extending the French loudspeaker manufacturer’s outreach; introducing its newest products to the region’s rental market.

Cascade Sound & Stage Lighting’s inaugural L-Acoustics purchase comprises 24 K2 and 12 Kara enclosures, 16 KS28 subs and five LA-RAK II touring racks, each loaded with three LA12X amplified controllers.

“The K2 and Kara line source array systems have performed perfectly in every situation,” noted Cascade Sound & Stage Lighting Operations Manager Jeff Cox. “At the Oregon State Fair, our K2 and KS28 covered the 9,000-seat L.B. Day Amphitheater like a glove. Keeping the SPL energy in the amphitheater while also reducing reflections from the side walls was always a challenge with our previous system, but the coverage with our new setup has been outstanding and we could not be happier.”

In 2018, Cascade Sound & Stage Lighting Vice President Jeff Carroll said “the biggest grin I have ever seen on one of our fair managers, who said, ‘This puts you on a whole new level! I also had a patron come up to front of house after a show and say, ‘I have come to this fair for years and it has never sounded better.’ The difference this year? L-Acoustics.

“The first time that you hear a K2 rig, you are immediately taken by the crisp detail and clarity of the audio source,” shared Cascade Vice President Jim Carroll, Jeff’s brother. “The system is incredibly smooth and the solid low-end is bold, even without the subs. Once the KS28 are turned on, it’s impossible not to smile. The fidelity of this system takes your breath away.

“Being able to partner with L-Acoustics, whose rider acceptability is second to none, is really opening doors for us as we grow from primarily being a local production company to supporting the larger regional touring market,” Brady Carroll added. “With K2 and Kara, we now have the right ‘go-to’ solutions to handle any medium or large event for our own clients as well as many revenue possibilities though the manufacturer’s rental network. L-Acoustics truly makes a superior product and we’re proud to join the list of Certified Providers.”