Blackout Introduces Isodrape System

Many businesses have been looking for ways to help the fight against coronavirus, and Blackout are using its expertise to help make workplaces safer for businesses trying to reopen after lockdown.

For many one of the challenges of returning to work will be ensuring acceptable social distancing measures between employees. For this, Blackout have developed its Isodrape system. This highly customisable product uses mobile dividers and separation curtains to create effective screening partitions within office and retail spaces.

Each system will be created bespoke to cater to the client’s workspace and use a range of fabrics to separate and isolate different working spaces. Depending on the client’s priorities this material can range from something heavier to sheer voiles which encourage distancing without compromising on natural light. These divider fabrics can also be combined with sound-absorbing materials, great for open-plan offices with large amounts of residual noise.

Blackout offers simple solutions to offices, warehouses, schools and spaces so that they can safely resume activities whilst respecting social distancing guidelines.

Blackout are also making these systems available for rent or as permanent fixtures dependant on your needs. Therefore, as social distancing measures change and evolve these systems can be altered and adjusted.