Another 12 Blades for C&S!

Angelo Julies from C&S

Cape Town based event technical solution company, C&S, have invested in an additional 12 Robe BMFL Blade fixtures to complement their existing stock purchased from DWR Distribution. The BMFLs have been out on rental and have never been back at the office since. In fact, Bradley Bruchhausen from DWR Cape Town, had to take a demo unit to C&S in order to take a photo to accompany this press release!

Donald Clark, owner of C&S now has a total of 24 BMFLs, and the demand is so great that he sometimes has to rent in units from other companies. On one occasion, he had 66 units on a show.

“I love the Robe BMFL,” Clark commented. “With the Blade, it makes it useful to do a variety of things. The Lighting Designers are loving them too because of the power of the fixture.” Said Duncan Riley of DWR, “We are very happy that these units are working so hard for C&S. The BMFLs are more popular than ever and I think once the creatives have worked with them, they want nothing else. Thank you very much to Donald for your continued support over the years. You have walked a long road, you have never given up, and it’s great to see your company doing so well.”