Alter Bridge Rock Europe with PRG XL Video

Photography by PRG XL Video/Matt Rakowski

Floridian hard rock titans Alter Bridge toured mainland Europe and the UK during 2016, with lighting, video and rigging supplied by PRG XL Video.

Lighting Designer Greg ‘Lil G’ Kocurek explained his design for the show: “We wanted a real heavy rock look, the kind of visual spectacular that threatens to melt your face; yet to create a well-balanced show with moments of calm between the chaos. The lighting rig is made up of Martin MAC Viper profiles, Icon Beams and Claypaky A.LEDA B-EYE K20’s, which are brilliant because you can do so many things with them and have great effects. I also used Claypaky Stormy CC strobes and the Chauvet Strike 4 LED lights as audience blinders. Our choice of fixtures was moulded around the budget we had, and the best products we could afford—but in the end they matched our original ideas perfectly.

Alter Bridge’s set was high-octane and relentless, despite the moments of calm Lil G mentioned, which served only as an opportunity to catch your breath before the madness took hold again.

The video wall was made up of 105 tiles of ROE Visual MC-18H LED tiles, with content being driven by a PRG Mbox extreme V3.5 media server. Lil G added: “The majority of video content was created by Craig Gowens which helped with stock content and additional content used to tell the story and theme behind each song.”

Video Account Director Stef Michels coordinated the supply of video technology for the tour: “Greg’s a brilliant Lighting Designer who I’ve worked with for many years—he has a great understanding of video technology and knows exactly what he wants to achieve. The Alter Bridge tour looked amazing, with really creative use of video content.”