Alcons Introduces the LR24 Pro-Ribbon Line-Array

The LR24 is a mid-size line-array sound system, designed to enable a 1:1 non-compressed reproduction of the original sound source at any sound pressure level; Due to the completely neutral response of the system, it can be used for any application and source possible, from speech, to classical music, jazz, all the way to pop and hard-rock performances.

The system is characterised by a fully predictable, linear response from the lowest to the highest SPL’s, with a completely flat frequency response up to 20kHz., giving room for full artistic “sound sculpting”, without having to work around or against the system.

The LR24 will be on display on the Alcons booth 6-K160. Following the very successful global launch of the LR24 line-array at the NAMM show, Alcons Audio will be hosting an offsite, invitation-only demonstration during ISE. Please click the button to RSVP, or consult our team at the booth.