Elation’s new Proteus Radius

Elation launched a new era of beam lights with the Proteus Radius, a IP66 Beam FX fixture powered by a Solid-State Phosphor-Converted (SSPC) light engine.

The Proteus Radius’ efficient 100W SSPC light engine delivered a 0.9˚ beam that slices through, even across vast spans of space. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, the beams combine with a full complement of design features that allow designers to compose an array of stunning aerial effects with ease.

The Proteus Radius has an SSPC engine, which produces a beam similar to a laser yet without the associated risks and regulatory challenges. Certified for use worldwide and in all environments, it requires no safety inspections and can be operated without a variance (permit). The SSPC engine boasts a long lamp life 10,000 hours, keeping replacement and maintenance costs low.

Protected by Elation’s Proteus technology, its aluminum shell and marine-grade coating provide durability and protection against the elements. An IP66 rating and surprisingly compact design mean the Radius can unleash its power virtually anywhere creativity calls.

Endless 360-degree pan and tilt movement makes for animations that can fill any space while the included FX package features an array of useful effects. With two gobo wheels housing a selection of 13 interchangeable-rotating/indexing metal gobos and 29 static-stamped metal gobos, designers will find an abundance of creative aerial possibilities.

Furthermore, the Radius offers four prisms divided between dual overlapping planes to split beams in virtually unlimited combinations for aerials. Prism macros are included for programming ease. Dual frosts soften light when needed while dimming is ultra-smooth without flickering.

CMY colour mixing and a 25-position colour wheel offer virtually unlimited colour options, a system that is lightning fast for immediate colour transitions and instant colour bumps.