Waves releases eMotion LV1 live mixer V14 update

eMotion LV1 mixer now supports multi-server DSP and 32+2 tactile faders.

Waves Audio has revealed the V14 update for the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixer. With this update, the LV1 now supports 32+2 faders via dual Waves FIT controllers, more plugin DSP power via multi-server support, and tactile control of plugins via the Waves FIT Controller for eMotion LV1.

The latest eMotion LV1 V14 update supercharges Waves eMotion LV1 live mixer with new features, such as the ability to mix freely with practically unlimited DSP. The eMotion LV1 V14 can connect to up to four Waves SoundGrid servers, plus four more for redundancy, allowing users to mix with high plugin counts and high sample rates without worrying about processing power limitations.

The new V14 update allows users to combine two Waves FIT Controllers to the same LV1 mixer. The two FITs can work in tandem, for 32+2 faders and encoders per mix layer, on independently, where each FIT controls a mix layer of the user’s choice.

eMotion LV1 V14 brings a tactile experience to mixing with plugins: plugin parameters are auto-mapped to the FIT control surface, allowing users to mix with plugins hands-on, with zero manual setup.

In addition to these new features, eMotion LV1 V14 features an improved GUI (with updated layout), a newly designed high-visibility patch bay, eight additional user keys, and various other improvements including available updates with various bug fixes for the following Waves Applications: MyFOH, MyMon Personal Monitor Mixing App, and mRecall Audio Scene & Snapshot App. Updates in MyFOH include band type control for eMo Q4, added control over Aux-Q when flipped, and added channel colours as set in eMotion LV1.