Wavelength Stageco Ltd. Invests In Elation Lighting

Alan Rayner and Glen Brazil

Wavelength Stageco Ltd (WSL) in Redditch, England, is a full service rental company near Birmingham with an expansion program that continues to see the company moving into the dry hire realm of the entertainment technology industry in 2016.

As an important piece in that strategy, WSL has invested in Elation Professional lighting products over the past few months, a list that includes Elation SixPar 200 LED PAR lights, Colour Chorus 48 LED battens and Opti Quad Par LED colour changers, as well as Platinum Beam 5R, Platinum Spot 15R Pro and Platinum Wash ZFX moving heads.

“The quality of the Elation product is extremely good,” stated WSL Managing Director Glen Brazil on why he turned to Elation lighting. “We’ve been buying Elation for the last four years, originally with Platinum 5R Beams and now with some of the newer product, and I’m glad that we have.

“It’s been first class. The quality of the products, especially some of the recent products like the SixPars and Colour Chorus fixtures, has been phenomenal. The support has been very good and our Elation rep Alan Rayner has been excellent. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

The purchase includes two of Elation’s newer and most popular LED fixtures, SixPar 200 LED PAR lights and Colour Chorus 48 LED battens. The SixPar’s house a high-power six-colour LED multi-chip, including a UV LED, and can be used as a wash light, uplight, wall wash, truss warmer and more. The Colour Chorus 48 is an LED batten wash light with 192 3W RGBA LEDs useful for floodlighting surfaces in even dynamic washes of coloured light and is perfect for linear effects.

“The SixPar 200’s are excellent Par lights, are quite powerful and the UV is great,” Brazil commented. “And as we’ve been building higher wall sets, up to five to six metres tall, we needed a stronger fixture than we already had in stock in order to reach to the top and the Colour Chorus 48 can do that.”

The total Elation equipment in the investment include 24 SixPar 200’s, 12 Colour Chorus 48’s, 40 Opti Quad Pars, 24 Platinum Beam 5Rs, eight Platinum Spot 15R Pros and eight Platinum Wash ZFXs.