VYV Hires Chet Miller as Photon Specialist

VYV Corporation's latest recruit, Chet Miller.

Chet Miller has joined VYV Corporation in the position of Photon Specialist.

Chet has a Master’s of Fine Arts in Production Design and displays extensive experience in media server show programming, projection and sound design. For more than 15 years, he has worked on a variety of theatrical and Broadway productions, and also major touring shows. For three years, he has acted as primary support and training technician for Disguise, where he had the opportunity to deliver a series of introductory and advanced workshops.

Drew Atienza, VYV-US Director affirmed: “We are positive that his arrival and reputation will strengthen our position as a market leader in the media server industry. Chet will also support our capacity to deliver show programming of the highest level. He will be working from our office in Chicago, and travelling de- pending on the needs of upcoming productions.”

“Joining the US team for VYV is a dream. Getting a chance to work with Drew so closely and really help build the American arm is thrilling. VYV is that company that is a step beyond the next level, whose tech is almost indistinguishable from magic. It feels great to really hit the ground running and already we’re making some beautiful things,” said Chet Miller.