VUE audiotechnik Sounds Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

H.A.S. Productions and VUE CST line arrays bring a modern sound to an iconic voice.

Recently, as part of a crowded 2018 summer tour, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts landed at the Starr of the Desert Arena in Primm Nevada where the band took to the stage for the first time with a VUE al-Class line array systems supplied Las Vegas-based H.A.S. Productions.

The al-Class based system took full advantage of VUE’s innovative Continuous Source Topology (CST), which allowed al-12 and al-8 acoustic elements to be combined into dual, hybrid arrays for improved coverage, sightlines and reduced weight. Thanks to the unique capabilities of their CST architecture, the combo al-Class array delivered perfectly linear coverage without the disruptions typically associated with more conventional mixed element arrays.

The H.A.S. team supplied left and right CST clusters that each included eight, large-format al-12 elements above four medium format al-8 elements providing downfill. For side-fill, two al-4 arrays, each consisting of eight subcompact al-4 elements each. A total of ten VUEDrive V6 series and two V4 series systems engines delivered power for the arrays, while the sophisticated VUEDrive DSP ensured easy setup and deployment of the unique CST combo array.

For low frequency, H.A.S. matched the array with twelve hs-221 dual 21 inch ACM subwoofers spanning the front of the stage. For monitors, VUE hm-Class systems were joined by a Sennheiser G3 in-ear system. Avid Profile and Yamaha PM5DRh consoles handled FOH and monitor mixes.