Ultratec Special Effects Launches TwisterX Fan

Ultratec Special Effects reveals its most adaptable fan to date, the TwisterX Fan.

Ultratec Special Effects TwisterX Fan powder coated steel chassis with reinforced frame provides a ruggedness that is second to none for movie and television production, live events and the theatre industry. Adding this machine has bolstered Ultratec’s line of fans ensuring they can meet a wide range of production needs.

The TwisterX Fan can be positioned front of stage, mounted on a wheeled base or hung from the lighting rig. Partnered with their Swivel Bracket, it can maximise any atmospheric effect. It provides a substantial 1,500cfm of power in a 13.5” square compact footprint ensuring flexibility in any set-up. The easy-to-use adjustable base makes angle adjustment simple and straightforward for any user.

Additionally, the TwisterX provides wide air dispersion when operating in forward blade direction and a narrow more focused dispersion when operating in reverse direction. The built-in DMX with RDM compatibility puts precision variable speed control in the hands of the user.

“While our industry has been quiet with the shutdown, our development team has taken the opportunity to develop the TwisterX Fan, a versatile fan that meets a wide range of production needs,” said Ultratec President, Adrian Segeren. “Like our previous machines, the TwisterX Fan will be manufactured in North America. The quality is second to none, and that quality allows us to offer the TwisterX with an industry-leading five-year warranty.”

The TwisterX Fan will begin shipping in May 2021 and will be available with 110v, or 220v depending on the user’s power requirements.