TSL Products Shifts R&D Focus Amid Pandemic

The company responds to heightened demand in remote engineering.
As many broadcast stations are operating in a work-from-home environment amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, TSL Products  has altered its R&D roadmap for the short term, in response to specific customer requirements and to meet the current needs of the industry.
Since TSL’s acquisition of DNF Controls in April 2019, the U.S. team based out of Northridge, CA, has remained focused on the developing and supporting the Flex Control Network and range of Universal Control Panels. “We have many customers across the United States who use our Flex Control Network for critical production and playout in news-based Hub and Spoke systems that connect network stations. Due to heightened demands in remote broadcasts, we recently altered our R&D to service our Flex customers and assist them in response to the pandemic,” said Fred Scott, Regional Sales Manager U.S. at TSL. “With many customers working remotely, rather than in-studio, we added a feature called ‘Web Keys’ that, when connected to any DNF powered Universal Switch Panel within the Flex network, allows users to control devices situated in major hub and spoke installations across the U.S. from home.”
Both TSL Products and DNF Controls are steeped in engineering excellence to its core and everyone on the R&D, product development and operations teams hold themselves to the highest possible technical standards. As an agile, R&D-led business, TSL has been able to re-prioritise very quickly in order to support its customers in their remote workflows, but above all, the company holds its staff to the highest regard.
“Our number one priority is our staff, said Mark Davies, Director of Products and Technology at TSL Products. “TSL has offices in the United Kingdom and Los Angeles so we’ve been keeping up with the latest Californian and UK requirements. All employees, other than those manufacturing products, are working from home. Our sales, product and support teams are still working with customers in full capacity. On the manufacturing side, we have only essential staff in place, allowing those who cannot work efficiently from home to practice safe social distancing.”