TSL Products reveals new senior hires

President & Head of Control Systems, Ian Godfrey and Worldwide Sales Director, Robin Adams join the fold at TSL Products.

Reporting solid growth and performance since acquiring DNF Controls in 2019,  TSL Products has made two new senior-level appointments. Joining the TSL team with invaluable industry experience is Ian Godfrey as president of the company’s U.S-based lead office in Northridge, CA and Head of Control Systems worldwide, along with Worldwide Sales Director, Robin Adams.

Two and a half years after the acquisition of DNF Controls, Founder, Dan Fogel is stepping out of the company to pursue other interests. Tom Dickinson, who was responsible for helping bring the two businesses together, has announced his retirement.

Godfrey formerly served as Senior Product Manager at Telestream, where he was responsible for leading file-based workflow and media processing of the brand’s Vantage solution. Prior to this position, he spent much of his career at Grass Valley, including the period when Snell Advanced Media (SAM), Miranda and NVISION were acquired. Joining the TSL team, Godfrey brings with him solid experience in control and monitoring systems, and router control while also building on his customer support experience.

Godfrey’s new role as President of TSL and Head of Control Systems represents a solid commitment to the U.S. and worldwide customer base to the former DNF product lines. As the head of all TSL’s control products, Godfrey will bring sharp focus to the U.S., which is a strategically important pillar of the TSL brand. 

As TSL’s Head of Control Systems for both the Marlow and Northridge portfolio, Godfrey carries the responsibility of defining and delivering strategies to develop the company’s control business. “With years of experience working alongside broadcast solutions manufacturers and managing the development of control solutions for multiple brands, I am eager to bring my acquired skills to the TSL team,” said Godfrey. “Having spent a great deal of time working in the broadcast industry, I am excited to carry TSL’s impressive performance into the future with steady growth through innovative product developments that will stand the test of time.”

Adams, TSL’s new Worldwide Sales Director, is excited to be a trailblazer for the brand as the primary individual to hold this global sales role. Adams has enjoyed a successful career in sales spanning 20 years, most recently at EditShare where he held the position of Vice President. Prior to his time at EditShare, Adams held leadership sales roles at EVS, Quantel and Softel. He possesses a worldly mindset with years of extensive travel experiences, making him a perfect candidate to support TSL’s global customer base. He brings with him new skill sets, knowledge and strategies that will help TSL exponentially grow its revenue streams for years to come.

“I am honoured and excited to be joining the TSL family as the Worldwide Sales Director,” said Adams. “With years of experience being accountable for sales-cycle management to identify and satisfy customer needs, I am well-prepared to launch this new role on a global level, working closely and transparently with TSL’s regional sales managers. I look forward to continuing to drive TSL’s sales for years to come.”