Tripp dives deep into Temporary LED Screen Support Structures

Norbert Tripp hosting LED Screen structures presentation

A detailed presentation on temporary outdoor LED screen structures was given by Norbert Tripp at the annual AV Alliance Academy in Madrid, Spain.

Tripp had been invited to the Academy for a second year and was again highly rated by attendees. The latest AV Alliance Academy had him facing 60+ knowledge-hungry professionals from 20 countries around the world.

To satisfy the appetites of all in attendance, Tripp shared his knowledge and experience on common outdoor LED Screen structure applications, the legal basis for their design and use, and the typical hazards, risks and mistakes users are most likely to encounter and how to solve them.

Tripp helped all conference attendees become more informed about working legally, correctly and safely with temporary LED Screen structures in their respective countries. In fact, these new LED Screen Structure Ambassadors are now equipped to make immediate, practical use of this knowledge and help spread this important information to more professionals within their industry.