TiMax Presents TiMax 500S Software at AES

TiMax StageSpace spatial rendering at Waldbuehne arena, Berlin.

Out Board will present the groundbreaking new TiMax 500S software for TiMax SoundHub, at AES New York 2018 – 145th International Pro Audio Convention ob 17-19 October 2018.

TiMax 500S features the already popular StageSpace spatial rendering tools, which instantly auto-calculate multiple adaptive delay-matrix localisation objects using three-dimensional data imported from CAD files or entered directly.

TiMax spatial objects can be rendered and adapted for a wide variety of stage, audience and sound system configurations, and fine-tuned in rehearsal by the user, because, as Out Board maintains “experienced sound designers will tell you it’s the last millisecond or dB of adjustment that really make the spatialisation work”

TiMax 500S integrated TimeLine and PanSpace resources allow quick-and-easy intensive programming and control of multilayered immersive soundscapes, with intuitive and versatile task-based workflows tailored for live, presentation and experiential spatial reinforcement and immersive audio. New-look variable day/night skins are also available, optimised for outdoor, rehearsal and dark showtime conditions.

Also introduced at the show is the all-new mighty TiMax FPGA dsp core, which is destined to break the mould with unparalleled new creative tools for spatial reinforcement, 3D immersive audio and spatial acoustic enhancement.

Currently, the new core replicates all existing TiMax dsp resources, but with extended delay-matrix memory and completely new ultra-smooth dynamic delay morphing algorithms for totally transparent real-time vocal and instrument localisation as well as immersive layered moving effects. An FPGA upgrade option will be available to current TiMax SoundHub customers, future-proofing their existing investment well into the long-term.

TiMax UK developers Out Board are global market leaders in object-based immersive spatial reinforcement techniques, having pioneered “source-oriented reinforcement” during the 1990’s, and have evolved TiMax to become the preferred choice of premier sound designers of authentically spatialised vocal and immersive orchestral reinforcement, as far and wide as New York’s Broadway, London’s West End, Europe, Scandinavia, APAC, China, Japan and Africa.