Then & Now: Entourage Pro releases Brexit and COVID-19 impact report

Over 600 UK-based crew, with 50% plus having more than 20 years’ experience, share their concerns with Entourage Pro, following Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Entourage Pro: Insights, the research division of Entourage Pro has produced a report surrounding Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of both on UK-based production personnel. 

The report has been developed with input from various organisations working towards a more stable future for industry, its services, and its people. Canvassing over 600 UK-based crew, with 50% plus having more than 20 years’ experience, its purpose is to add the context of their concerns to a wider industry audience.  

“Our freelance community were asked to provide comparative thoughts on experiences, concerns, obstacles and the issues they now face regarding the practicalities and protocols of touring in Europe,” said EP director, James Stanbridge. “The report makes for complex reading, and respondents have been honest in making their concerns known.”

“One thing we have always been exceptionally good at in this country is exporting our art,” adds EP co-director, Joel Perry. “Our bands, artists, and the way we present them on the world stage, in terms of their technical production is second to none. Whilst it is acknowledged that we’re currently busy, in terms of touring the 27 EU member states there is a lot of work to do on cost effectiveness, Visas, border crossings and so on. The report is being shared with the various organisations charged with providing solutions. We hope it will provide valuable insight and inform future research and planning to give our UK industry a more sustainable future.”

While available free of charge for use by the industry, the report is subject to copyright and remains property of Entourage Pro. Any reproduction, references, citations, data and quotations must be accredited to Entourage Pro. The Brexit Impact Report, aptly titled: Then & Now, is available now, to view at: