The importance of load monitoring

Simon Lawrence of Rigging Co. hopes to change perceptions of load monitoring as being as worthy of investment as the latest LED and audio technology.

Designed to assist rigging professionals on a daily basis, Broadweigh’s wireless load monitoring solutions for live events provide a clear and accurate picture of what’s happening on a rig at all times. Providing critical real-time data to help riggers do their best work, safely, was of paramount importance for Simon Lawrence of Rigging Co. amid The 1975’s At Their Very Best live campaign. Assuming the role of Head Rigger, he shared his desire to see load cells and monitoring information become as commonplace as lighting, audio and video when it comes specifying equipment for arena-sized concert touring.

Load monitoring can provide several benefits in live touring, particularly for larger productions in arena-size and upwards. At the top of the list is safety. “I want to see a load cell on every hoist,” Lawrence informed TPi at Leeds’ First Direct Arena, going on to explain how he factors load monitoring into his day-to-day. “We can use load monitoring to create reports, which allows us to disseminate and share that information with the rest of the production team and venue staff when we are on site.”

This article originally appeared in issue #275 of TPi, which you can read here.

Words: Jacob Waite

Photos: Jordan Curtis Hughes