TAG builds on its global reach

Renowned for managing countless notable tours across the planet, TAG continues to earn the trust and admiration of the most iconic names in music. From one-off club shows to stadium tours, the organisation oversees comprehensive touring travel logistics and offers global solutions. Recently extending its reach to 18 global offices and adding Latin touring to its repertoire, TAG has surpassed milestones on its mission to further expand and broaden its client base.

Since 2021, the popularity of the Latin music industry has been explosive. Artists like Bad Bunny, Karol G, Rauw Alejandro, Rosalía, Maluma, RBD, among others have taken the Latin music scene by storm and continue to top charts worldwide. Some of its most recognisable names have performed record-breaking tours across the globe, while others are set to tackle the road and are expected to gross millions.

TAG jumped at the opportunity to impact a larger audience by launching a Latin touring sector to serve the Latin music industry. “Latin music has had a massive global influence in recent years,” TAG’s Touring Director, Byron Carr explained. “While this music has been around for decades, it is incredible to see an exponential increase in its popularity.”

When asked to further comment on TAG’s decision to launch a new sector dedicated specifically to Latin touring, Carr noted: “We have worked with some of the biggest names on the planet across all genres of music. After keeping a close eye on the booming industry of Latin music, we wanted to diversify our offerings to service a broader client base. The Travel Specialists at TAG are known for their abilities to find solutions to anything, even with the complexity of touring travel itineraries. Our goal is to support the expansion of Latin touring by launching this new sector. We wanted to bring this service to the Latin music industry and solely focus on supporting these artists and their tours.”

The UK-based company understands that launching a sector within a diverse community requires more than simply the decision to do so. “It has been important to us to be able to give the Latin touring sector the attentiveness that it deserves. We recognised that not only would we need to put together a separate team well versed in managing touring travel, but that organising a bilingual team to properly communicate with our Latin clients was critical. Our newly promoted Supervisor of Latin Touring US, Tiago Palhares, is the perfect fit to lead a team that suits those needs,” Carr reassured.

Palhares will lead the launch of the new sector, based out of TAG’s brand-new office in Orlando, Florida. He will be taking on the challenge of growing the US Latin touring business and overseeing all touring in Latin America. Palhares shared: “It’s been more than 10 years since I joined TAG in London. Growing up in Portugal, Latin music reminds me of home and is something that I identify with culturally. I am confident that with this new sector, TAG will become one of the leading travel management companies to specialise in Latin artists. I am thrilled to be presented with the opportunity to not only launch a sector that means so much to me, but to do so alongside the opening of our Orlando office.”

Opening an office in Florida is a huge move for TAG as the location greatly suits the needs of the Latin music community. Carr said of the new opening: “While currently focusing on our touring division, Orlando holds great opportunities across all TAG divisions in the future.” The office is fully staffed and strategically opened its doors on 1 September to coincide with the launch of Latin touring.

Even after 11 TPi Award wins as Favourite Travel Company, TAG has proven that they have no plans of slowing down any time soon. The company is drafting up plans to extend the Latin touring sector to have a base in the United Kingdom as well. 

In addition to the launch of the new specialisation and their office opening in Orlando, the distinguished travel management company is also working through the process to open an office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This decision comes after supporting clients in Saudi Arabia for the past two years, at numerous MDLBEAST events. Due to the success and popularity of MDLBEAST Soundstorm, XP Music Futures and Balad Beast in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the choice to open an office in KSA was easy.

Fahim Jalali has stepped into the role as General Manager for the Riyadh office. “Saudi Arabia has taken strides to become more accessible for everyone – unveiling cultural and creative opportunities and delivering state-of-the-art entertainment experiences,” Jalali noted. “Upon working with MDLBEAST for the past few years and becoming more and more familiar with the area, we recognised the opportunity and need to service clients in the Middle East. As we enter into our third year assisting with MDLBEAST, we are excited to continue to be welcomed into the country with open arms and look forward to seeing how we can and will make a difference in the lives of our future clients there.”

Photos: TAG