Starin Joins Forces with BirdDog

Starin, a Midwich Group company, has announced a distribution partnership with BirdDog Australia to make all BirdDog products available to Starin channel partners across the USA. BirdDog is an Australian-based manufacturer of PTZ cameras, world-leading video encoders decoders, and software applications.

BirdDog developed embedded NDI hardware and implemented into a range of high definition and 4K broadcast video converters, robotic pan-tilt-zoom cameras, and a suite of software products to tie end to end workflows together. Starin provides value-added distribution services such as design, finance, assurance, and installation for its pro-AV business as well as supporting Zoom Certified Integrators with a complete eco-system of Zoom optimised components.

“We are really pleased to add BirdDog to Starin’s line-up,” said Starin CEO, Bobby Swartz. “BirdDog has done an excellent job in working closely with Zoom and having some of their products added into some Zoom Rooms recommended lists and we are excited to help their growth throughout the USA. Along with the PTZ cameras, we are really looking forward to BirdDog’s NDI wallplates and SDM modules.”

“We’re very excited to start working with Starin in the USA market. Starin is the perfect partner to help drive us further into the AV market across the USA as well as help with fostering the Zoom opportunity,” said BirdDog Co-Founder and CEO, Dan Miall. “Recently, we signed Midwich Group for the UK and Europe, so it is great to close that global loop with Starin now in the USA. Starin is a great fit for BirdDog.”