Stan Van Samang Gets Intimate Looks With Chauvet Professional

One time professional actor Stan Van Samang made his musical breakthrough back in 2006 winning the music talent TV show, Steracteur Sterartiest (VRT). While the Belgian artist has recorded a string of successful albums since, it’s arguably his live performances – with intimate audience interaction, which have garnered him notoriety. Tasked with bringing the most out of these live performances on Stan’s recent tour of Belgium, LD Bart Rogge specified 16 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK 2 spot and 24 R2 Rogue wash fixtures to stunning effect.

As Stan Van Samang’s live shows are all about interaction between audience and artist, Rogge decided upon a visual interaction of his own, that between the Maverick MK 2 spot and 24 R2 Rogue wash fixtures.

“The Maverick and Rogue fixtures formed the basis of my lighting concept,” commented Rogge. “Thanks to the incredibly powerful spot and zoom features of the Maverick and the saturated wash effects of the Rogue fixtures, Stan had the perfect backdrop upon which to perform.”

Rogge positioned 8 Maverick MK 2 spot fixtures on above stage truss, with a further 8 pieces standing on the floor in a pincer-like formation. The 440W spots could scissor across the stage and out into the audience, providing excellent audience ariels whilst simultaneously lighting Stan from behind.

“The rotating slot and lock gobo wheels allowed me to quickly mix up effects and patterns on the stage according to the mood of the particular songs.”

Furthermore, Rogge was impressed with the CMY colour mixing of the Maverick fixtures, which allowed him to create excellent colour spot looks. “The CMY is very quick and the colours look natural – essential for providing the right kind of atmosphere during the show.”

Rogge also positioned 8 Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Wash fixtures on back stage truss, with a further 8 washes on the floor and 4 washes on stage left and stage right respectively. Thanks to this truly visually encompassing wash lighting arrangement, the collected cornucopia of 24 Rogues with their individual 19 (15 W) RGBW quad-LEDs produced an incredible blanket of colour through which the Maverick fixtures could punch through.

“The Rogue R2 Wash is excellent for providing strong saturated colours over an even field,” commented Rogge. “With all fixtures covering a huge area, output was strong and the stage was set for the ultimate backdrop to Stan’s intimate performances.”

While all eyes may have been on Stan during the recent tour, it’s undeniable that Rogge’s visuals played a key part in ensuring the audience felt the intimacy and energy of the artist’s performance. “The Chauvet combination played a key part in the audience’s enjoyment of the shows,” concluded Rogge. “The crowd loved it.”