Stage One and Clair Brothers Shine at Nestville Open Fest

Clair Brothers Slovakian rental partner, Stage One, adds C12 loudspeakers to its arsenal and shines at the cultural Nestville Open Fest.

This year, thanks to Stage One and the Clair Brothers C12 system, The Nestville Open Fest attendees and audio professionals working the festival were treated to a level of clear and powerful sound never experienced here before.

Clair Brothers rental partner Stage One was founded in 2006 with its main activity being the rental of LED screens at concerts and festivals. As they evolved the company began providing other services related to concerts and today mainly specializes in outdoor productions.

Jozef Kovalik – Owner of Stage One, explained: “As we’ve grown, we’ve always made it a point to work exclusively with the best industry professionals and brands, which is the obvious reason why we partnered with Clair Brothers. The decision to do so was mine. I’ve attended numerous concerts in North America where Clair Brothers systems were used. It became clear to me that using this brand is the best way to success. The sound of any speaker from this brand is fantastic. So, when we had the opportunity and the need, we ordered and put into operation the Clair Brothers C12 system for larger events. The combination of C12s and Clair Brothers iPS218 subs amounts to a system that never disappoints. It delivers clean, distortion-free sound throughout the usable audio spectrum, even at high loads. The C12 system is our first from Clair Brothers but will not be the last!”

By all accounts the C12 system far exceeds expectation in all respects. Adding to the wonderful success at Open Fest, Stage One has now put the C12/iPS218 system to work several times at other festivals, where the number of attendees is usually just over three thousand.

“It was a surprise then,” explained Kovalik, “when 10,000 people showed up for SLIZOVICA, a popular celebration for the birthday of the very popular Slovak band, Horkyze Slíze. This size crowd was not expected by the organiser, but it didn’t matter. The C12s and iPS218s managed everything perfectly. In fact, during the show, my colleagues and I proudly stood in Clair Brothers t-shirts 120 meters back from the stage and listened to the still clear and cohesive sound coming at us all the way from the stage. Wherever we use the C12, there’s only positive feedback from organizers, musicians and sound engineers alike.”

One notable quote from a sound engineer for one of the performing bands who got to work with the system: “The speakers have a nice, modern sound. Everything is there! When I turn knobs on the board, I hear it right away – newly discovered tones from my band. Wow! Awesome!”