Solotech Invests in Robe

Canadian and North American-based rental and technical production specialist, Solotech, recently purchased over 100 Robe BMFLs and 26 MegaPointes in its latest investment in the Czech moving light brand, adding to an already extensive stock of Robe Spikies and Pointes.

The sales started in December 2016 in preparation for The Weeknd’s Starboy tour, where Lighting Director, Sooner Routhier, specified BMFL Spots and WashBeams and Spikies for her design. It continued with Chance the Rapper, whose LD Michael Apostolos specified Robe BMFL Spots, BMFL WashBeams, LEDWash 1200s and CycFX 8s for Chance’s US tour in 2017. Lady Gaga’s Joanne tour was also serviced by Solotech, with Creative Director and LD, LeRoy Bennett, choosing to use over 200 Robe moving lights in his work.

Among the first to invest in Robe’s new MegaPointe fixture, launched in September 2017, Solotech’s first batch were deployed on Celine Dion’s Celine Las Vegas show, staged at the Colosseum, Caesar’s Palace. Long term LD Yves Aucoin integrated 24 Robe MegaPointes into the set.

Solotech Chief Technical Advisor, Frankie Desjardins, commented: “The decision to go with Robe is based on meeting the demands and wishes of the various designers who are our clients. Coupled with the fact that we see Robe as being a very strong brand right now and having extremely reliable fixtures. That’s a major long term consideration to any rental company making an investment.”

He added that, in addition to the current demand, Robe has an excellent range of products for various applications, and their reliability is a key factor: “We are very busy and definitely can’t afford to have lights out of commission for any length of time.” Frankie stated that as long as people are asking for Robe he’s happy to keep the purchases rolling.

The relationship they enjoy with Robe North America via Canadian Sales Manager, John Bilyk, is also important. Desjardins underlined that Bilyk understands the constantly shifting nature of Solotech’s business, their long-term strategies and how they are responding to shifts in the market.