tube uk makes investment in d&b KSL Line Array

Photo: tube uk

tube uk, took delivery of a new d&b KSL line array speaker system plus assorted rigging elements in a significant investment. 

This initial order comprised 20  KSL8 and four KSL12 top cabinets plus eight KSL-SUBS, a complete new system which was added to tube’s existing stocks of d&b Y and V-Series together with the associated D80 amplifiers that the company already owns.

Since the post-pandemic restart, shows have been steadily growing, getting more sonically ambitious and being staged in larger venues. “It was absolutely the right time for us to step up and invest in a system for medium to large rooms and spaces,” explained tube’s Melvyn Coote.

It also reflects the tube team’s commitment to d&b, a global leader among live performance audio brands. The products were delivered through Solotech, d&b’s UK sales partner. Coote noted that they wanted KSL not just for the room or event capacity that this system can cover, but also for its directionality. “With the variety of work that we cover, maximum flexibility and every possible option is critical,” confirmed Coote.

tube already has rental orders being placed for the system by their clients, including Factory International for a 5,000-capacity warehouse space within their new landmark venue, Aviva Studios.

Working with Manchester International Festival (a city-wide event delivered by Factory International every two years) for over 20 years, tube had Aviva Studios in mind when selecting KSL as a perfect product to support this ongoing collaboration.

“KSL is a perfect fit for this space, and so many others,” commented Melvyn, who together with other tube engineers, attended d&b’s KSL training session.

tube has been investing in d&b since the company was started in 2001 and has kept moving with the technology. Initially the E-Series was purchased for conferences and corporates, next came the Q-Series, which was their first line array system, then the Y-Series which expanded upwards to the V-Series.