Solotech Appoints Denis Dumouchel

New structure and strategic appointments support Solotech and CBCI’s accelerated growth in the Canadian market.

Philip Giffard, Global President, Sales and Systems Integration Division, has announced the implementation of a new management structure to optimise Solotech‘s Canadian operations. Over the past year, the Division has been core to the company’s business and generated significant growth, despite the pandemic context. “This year, we reaffirmed our leadership position in sales and systems integration in Canada with the acquisition of CBCI, a leader in audiovisual and videoconferencing solutions,” said Giffard.

The coming together of the CBCI and Solotech teams creates a perfect synergy, not only through the addition of new talent but also through an expanded service offering. This new synergy requires a new structure to effectively support Solotech’s continued growth across all its locations.

Denis Dumouchel is appointed President, Sales and Systems Integration, Canada. Denis, a recognized leader in the industry, will oversee all operations and teams in Solotech’s Canadian offices. Supported by experienced teams, he’ll also be responsible for developing a service offering that delivers systems integration excellence to customers. “It’s a pleasure to continue actively contributing to the development of Solotech and drive its diversified service offering across Canada,” he said. A leading figure in the industry, Denis was until recently President of CBCI. He held many key roles at CBCI since 1994 before becoming President and CEO in 2011. His expertise in videoconferencing and collaboration solutions is unparalleled and has ensured CBCI’s success in the Canadian market.

As part of this new structure, Philip Giffard also announces the appointment of Alexandre Pecqueux as Vice-President, Innovation and Operational Excellence. Drawing on his over 15 years of experience at Solotech, Alexandre will determine the overall direction, oversee all programs and projects, and roll out the Division’s strategic plans. In the spirit of a continuous improvement culture, he’ll lead any new process or program initiatives to ensure a superior level of execution. “It’s our vision and unique approach to any project that allows us to deliver the best to our customers. I’m excited to continue my journey at Solotech and help improve our practices, which will be directly reflected in the quality of the projects we deliver,” he says.

Finally, Caroline Martel is appointed Vice-President, Service, Operations and Transformation. Following on her four years as Solotech’s Director of Customer Service and then Director of Operations, Caroline will be responsible for planning and managing all aspects of customer service policies, objectives, and initiatives for the entire Division. She’ll be in charge of customers’ overall satisfaction in each country and the development of initiatives within a unified managed service offering. In addition, Caroline will identify strategic opportunities to drive the overall growth of Solotech’s accounts, including developing new partnerships across different industries.

“The customer has always been the company’s focus, and I’m delighted to continue to strive for his complete satisfaction, supported by our strong teams. Outstanding service is part of our customer promise and sets us apart from the rest globally. I intend to pursue this mission with the same passion,” she said.

Further announcements will follow in the coming weeks regarding this new structure. “I’m very proud to work with these exceptional people who have a wealth of experience and expertise every day. The Division continues to reach new milestones, which wouldn’t be possible without our leaders’ immense talent. My outlook for the future is very positive, as we are stronger than ever and continue leveraging agility to make the most of our strengths,” said Philip Giffard.