Severine Anvoner joins Martin Audio as HR Manager

Severine Anvoner heads up Martin Audio's HR department.

In her first six months at Martin Audio, new HR Manager, Severine Anvoner, says the experience is proving better than she could have imagined.

Despite being born and brought up in France, Anvoner has been in the UK since 2001 and now considers both the country — and the area of Bucks where she resides — as home. “The UK is where I will grow old,” she smiled.

Her vast experience has taken her through the corporate world — first at Coca-Cola Enterprises and more recently at Seagate Technology. “I realised that a new industry would provide a different challenge and I also wanted to move away from the big corporate world,” she admitted. “Although there are many positives about big corporations, the downside is there are many layers of management, and I wanted to interact more, and become closer [to the workforce]. This industry is dynamic and exciting. At Martin Audio you see a family — it’s what struck me straight away and it’s what I was looking for. The managing director [Dom Harter] sits right in the middle of the open plan office — always available and very hands-on.”

Unlike her previous trans-EMEA roles, at Martin Audio her challenge will be more UK-based, offering more flexibility and versatility than she has experienced previously. “My role is Jack of all trades,” she said. “You have to be more adaptable in a small company. I am there to support, care for, nurture and where necessary offer a shoulder to cry on—to be part of a wide family and help the organisation to grow and sustain.”

With a staff role of some 59 people and growing, Severine says she is confident she has made the right call. “This is a company that’s not only about innovation, but which cares about people. Many organisations are just about business, but you don’t always see how business is linked to people. Here it is obvious, and that’s something that’s important.”

Finally, she says, her fundamental goal is about giving the best service to employees within a common management strategy. “Because the employees are in effect my customers!”

Welcoming the new HR manager, Harter said: “Severine has been a great addition to the management team. Alicia Cousins, who had previously led our HR function, was promoted to lead the Focusrite Group which was a great affirmation of the team here and an example of increased opportunities for our staff being part of a wider group. But that obviously did leave a gap for us, and I’m delighted with the progress and contribution Sev is making,” she concluded. “Martin Audio is enjoying unprecedented sales demand and that is applying pressure across departments while also requiring additional heads, and Sev has been making sure our staff are supported as we build for the future.”