Robe Pointes to Carl Cox at The HRBR Project

Photo: Poselski Brothers

It’s always exciting to be involved in a new event and the positive buzz, energy and hashtags spread as infectiously as the groove and fantastic vibes of the very first HRBR Project shows, a new music venue presented by RPM on Governor’s Island in New York Harbour.

Kevin Mignone, owner of KM Productions, the company charged with producing the multi-week event, was determined to deliver the biggest and boldest show possible for the new outdoor space and brought on long-time collaborator, Mike Gionfriddo of Total Production Design, as the lighting designer to create a design with maximum impact.At the epicentre of the lighting rig were 32 Robe Pointes.

The location is a unique environment that presents truly stunning views of the iconic Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines. Carl Cox kicked off the inaugural HRBR Project as the second of five high-profile music events spread over two weekends and three weeks, including the Independence Day holidays.

The final lighting design was the result of input from Mignone, Gionfriddo and the various headliner production teams from the first weekend, which included Carl Cox, Darren Emmerson, Pan Pot and others.

Taking into account all these requirements and those of the KM Productions team, a flexible design concept evolved that would work across the whole event. The idea was that all artists – from the openers to the headliners – could connect with their audiences and ensure all a truly memorable day for music fans, from their arrival on the island to the last post show ferries chugging back to Brooklyn and Manhattan.

The Pointes were a popular choice with everyone and were rigged on a series of drop-down torms in the roof, on the deck and across the stage wings. These positions placed them for really good coverage from all viewing angles. They were used for what they do best – big, bold, colourful and dynamic beams and aerial effects with infinite variations.
Since its launch in 2013, Robe’s Pointe has become a bestseller and also a go-to multipurpose beam light for numerous LDs working with electronic and dance acts.

Gionfriddo said: “Pointes are still the brightest and most versatile fixtures for their size and extremely reliable”. He has been using Robe products in his work for some time and commented that, as a brand he thinks Robe has “stayed right at the front in giving designers the right tools for the job year after year.The current product range offers a wide choice for those working in every aspect of the lighting industry”.

Utilising Pointes also helped the task of presenting a rig that would work for everyone appearing onstage. “We needed a unit that could take the action from daylight to midnight and the Pointe provided a perfect solution,” concluded Gionfriddo who also operated lighting for several acts.

KM Productions, the exclusive production provider for RPM, keeps a large stock of Robe Pointes in its inventory, which has made them a design staple at the promotion company’s shows and events.
“I knew this project would be a challenge but it’s rewarding to see how well the shows have been received so far. It’s an honour to be trusted by Eddie Dean and his entire team from HRBR and RPM with the success of this new venue,” stated Mignone.