Robe Lights up Carpark North

Photo by Morten Rygaard

Danish electro rockers Carpark North took their unique fusion of the raw edgy rock and cerebral electro beats to their many fans.

Creating an ever interesting, evolving and innovative lightshow was LD Johnny Thinggaard Lydiksen from CMY, based in Arhuus, who has worked with the band since 2013. He stated that he loves Robe’s Pointes and BMFLs.

Both types of fixture have been at the heart of the various versions of the lighting design to stem from Johnny’s central concept, which was created to be flexible and scalable in all directions.

Underpinning the aesthetic was the goal to make the band look powerful and dramatic for which “darkness and timing is a key” explained Lydiksen.

Pointes first appeared on the Carpark North lighting rig in summer 2014 when Johnny specified 40 to make a large matrix of lights upstage that allowed him to present new, fresh and different looks throughout the set.

These Robe units were purchased specially for the tour by leading Danish rental company Comtech, based in Copenhagen.

Moving forward, combined with some LED video elements and strobes, Pointes became the workhorses of his floor package for gigs where their ‘specials’ were installed underneath house overhead rigs.

For the band’s summer shows, he up-scaled again, adding eight Robe BMFL Spots to their touring floor rig, with 16 to 20 more requested via to the locally supplied ‘in air rig’ rider. These were arranged into four groups across the rig, effectively giving each band member their own micro-rig.

He said that he instantly loved the BMFLs, specifically the brightness and the colours, which were perfect for the show, especially with around 100 bright LED panels onstage, where he needed the high BMFL Spot output to punch through without having to tweak the video screens down.

For the smaller German club tour that they completed early in 2016, he reported that Pointe’s were again perfect, with eight as the principal floor package moving lights.

He specifies Robe Pointes every time he needs a beam fixture on a design project. Before Pointes, he had used other Robe products including MMX Spots and the older ‘classic’ ColorSpot and ColorWash 1200 and 700 AT series, which helped Robe build its reputation for producing some of the best and most reliable moving lights on the market today.

He concluded: “The Robe current range fixtures are really top quality. The colour systems, output and optics are all excellent.”