Robe BMFLs Rock Roskilde Festival

Photo: Markus Rasmussen

A number or Robe fixtures were used at this year’s Roskilde Festival in Denmark, supplied by Copenhagen-based Comtech.

LD Sune Verdier used 40 Robe BMFL Spots at the heart of the rig, which he co-ordinated for the fifth year. With the rig based on 10 individual trusses, all on an automation system that moved them into different positions, visiting LDs were offered the choice of eight different trussing configurations as the backbone of their rigs.

A total of 34 of the 40 BMFLs were in the air on the trusses, with the other six on the deck. Upstage there were 12 six-metre sections of LED screen, while Robe Pointes were placed on the side trusses.

The festival featured a range of talent including Slayer, PJ Harvey, New Order and James Blake, with a total of 21 acts, many bringing their own floor packages.

Sune and his operating team of Christian Olsson, Morten Elkjær and Frederik Heitmann ensured that all the LDs and operators had everything they needed – either accommodating their own consoles or using the house control desks. Anders Svendsen assisted with all the advancing, and during the festival headed the lighting team onstage making sure that everything worked as smoothly and efficiently as it did at FOH.

Of the 21 bands in 2016, 17 brought their own LDs and Lighting Directors/Operators, so the other four were lit by Sune and the team.

“Lighting a band you don’t know so well is a great way to learn about your rig,” said Sune. “The process means I am constantly finding things that can be further tweaked”.

Roskilde Festival ran from 25 June to 2 July 2016.