Robe to showcase new products at PLASA

Robe will be launching three new products and debuting a brand-new live performance concept on stands A70 & C28.

Robe’s partner companies Anolis and Artistic Licence will be on adjacent stands and this area of the show floor.

The iFORTE LTX WB will be at PLASA with its solid beam and 245 mm front lens, powered by iSE-TE™ 1000W XP (Xtra Performance) IP65-rated White LED TRANSFERABLE ENGINE offering typical lumen maintenance of L70\B50 50.000 hours.

The iFORTE LTX WB can create a visual statement with its solid beam and 245 mm front lens. The luminaire also contains three zoom modes: Standard Optical Mode for the widest 3.5° – 55°coverage; a Follow Spot Mode of 2°-55° and Long Throw Follow Spot Mode producing an ultra-tight 0.8 – 2° to deliver tight beams without any intensity loss over long distances.

Also at PLASA, Robe’s FORTE Fresnel and PC washes also utilising the brand’s TRANSFERABLE ENGINE technology. Both products deliver without losing any theatrical subtlety or control, featuring either the classically soft fresnel beam or the slightly more defined PC beam. The wide-ranging zoom from 6°- 61°(Fresnel) and 5.5°- 62° (PC) offers coverage making the FORTE Fresnel comparable to a traditional 2.5 KW fresnel luminaire.

The new Robe TE 1.000W XP White 6.700 K LED Transferable Engine generates 90.200 lumens, both models output over 41.000 lumens from the front of the fixture.

These engines are designed, manufactured (and patented) by Robe. The L70/B50 ratings of 50.000 hours and a 4-Year, 20.000-hour warranty assure. The CMY colour mixing system provides smooth colour transitions from pastels to saturates. Two colour wheels, CRI 80 and 90 filters, plus a variable CTO from 3.000 – 6.700 K ensure there is a full range of colour.

The FORTE Fresnel has unsurpassed levels of beam control, including medium and light frosts; RotaScrim a graduated filter system with position control, +/- 180° rotation and edge colour correction; and the rapid 4Door™ internal barndoor system for accurate individual blade control and +/- 90° module rotation.

This is the first show in a trilogy of new Robe expo productions, It will comprise three performers and a story devised by Robe’s creative team for visitors and will be running five times a day for the first two show days and four on the final day.

The lightshow also highlights more of Robe’s moving light and LED technologies including iPAINTES, iESPRITES, T1 Profile FSs, T11 Profiles, PCs and Fresnels, LEDBeam 350s, Tetra2s and TetraXs, Spikie+s, iBeam350s, iSpiiders, the ingenious FOOTSIE and the RoboSpot remote follow system.

There will be one or two surprise products on the stand, seen for the first time only at PLASA 2023.

Robe’s architectural and LED lighting brand Anolis has its own space on Stand C28 and Anolis will highlight its new CalummaTM, AmbianeTM and EminereTM product ranges.

Calumma M & S fixtures are now available with asymmetric optics designed for street, road, and pathway use.

The Ambiane SP range has been expanded with an adjustable version of the downlight and a new pendant version which offer the same key features: homogenous light output, power balancing, 18-bit dimming and TV friendly green +/- control.

The Ambiane SP16 pendant remote will also be on the stand demo, offering a solution for lower ceiling applications. There will be one of every fixture in the Eminere range including the ingrounds.

Part of the Robe group, Artistic Licence will be on Stand C28 showing a selection of its omnipresent lighting control technology products. As the originators of Art-Net, the company produces an assortment of gateways, splitters, switches, protocol converters and other related networking and test products and solutions.

Atmosphere engineers MDG are also located on Stand C28 and will be showcasing their current range of haze and fog generators including ATMe, ATMe WPE, Me2, Me8, theFAN and Ice Fog Q, and the Robe live show will feature theONE and Ice Fog Q in action.