Rita Hits the Road with Robe

Iranian born Israeli singer-songwriter Rita Yahan-Farouz is back on the road after a break of 5 years, complete with a new album, Transparent Miracles, and new lighting and visual design by Ronen Najar, featuring Robe Spiiders and BMFL Spot moving lights.

Najar proposed a series of 6mm video panels rigged at 3 different for a large picture to be played out. Once the video architecture was in place, he chose and positioned the lights – 16 Robe Spiiders and 17 Robe BMFL Spots, supplied by Simul Argaman Systems.

“I know the BMFL extremely well and I really appreciate each and every one of its features along with the power and intensity,” Najar commented. “I know how to get an infinite amount of looks – and I am still finding new ones each time! Robe has done an excellent job in engineering this fixture”.

However, it was the first time the veteran LD had used Robe Spiiders, and on a rock-style show like this utilised the fixtures for the power and precision of the lightsource. “It resembles a PAR in many ways – sharp, strong, well defined,” he states, adding that the colours are “amazing”.

“It’s been a while since Rita played live, so the pressure was on everyone concerned to produce something spectacular and memorable” Najar explained. “I am very happy with the show – it’s looking good and I think the tour will be a big success.”

The majority of the lighting was run to timecode on a grandMA2 light, programmed by Ronen and his associate Mati Morray, on the road, while Kfir Asraf operates the lights. Video Designer, Voav Cohen created custom footage for the show, which is run through a grandMA VPU.