Retracing the creation of CAMEO Oron H2

Daniel Wrase, Senior Product Manager at Adam Hall Group, discusses Cameo’s new laser sourced moving head fixture.

What was the idea behind the ORON H2?

“Laser-based moving heads are still quite rare on the market and limited in their versatility. The ORON H2 represents a groundbreaking advancement as it is the world’s first IP65-rated hybrid moving head with a phosphor-laser design on the market.

“It was absolutely clear to us, that we would need to develop a cutting-edge solution that not only pushes technological boundaries but also serves as the answer to the upcoming EU ban on discharge lamps from 2027. With all these challenges in mind, we are proud to offer professional users a future-proof solution with the ORON H2.”

How has insights from the sector influenced the creation of the product?

“As with all Cameo lights, the needs of the lighting industry are the main driving force behind the development of new products. We are constantly striving to exchange ideas with professionals from the lighting industry to find out what users really need. With this feedback-driven R&D approach we wanted to ensure that the ORON H2 not only met but exceeded the expectations of its target audience. The result is a product that seamlessly integrates into diverse creative workflows, empowering designers to achieve their artistic vision with precision and efficiency.”

What benefits does the ORON H2 bring to the live events market?

“With social media, streaming and the gradual emergence of virtual reality, live events today face far greater competition than in the past. Anyone realising a live event today has to engage and inspire the audience with new ideas and technologies, while at the same time ensuring cost-effectiveness and profitability.

“As the world’s first hybrid laser moving head, the ORON H2 offers lighting professionals an indispensable tool with unmatched performance and sustainability, including a service life 10 times longer than conventional discharge lamps. Moreover, its compact size, IP65 rating, and compatibility with various control technologies make it ideal for outdoor events, where reliability and flexibility are even more paramount.”

What sets ORON H2 apart from other competitors on the market?

“Most people associate laser moving heads with extremely tight, razor-sharp beams, which looks great, but is limited in its application. As the first hybrid moving head with a laser engine, the ORON H2 comes with an extended zoom range of 0.6 to 32° which enables beam, spot and wash applications alike, including gobo projections and other effects. In combination with the impressive light output and CMY colour mixing the ORON H2 outshines other products in its class, providing users with unparalleled versatility and control.”

Why was Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) the perfect place to showcase this product?

“With this year’s new Lighting & Staging Zone, ISE now appeals to an even wider range of event technology users, making the show the perfect platform for Cameo to present the ORON H2 to the public for the first time. With a diverse audience comprising lighting designers, rental companies, and dry-hire companies, ISE provided an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the ORON H2’s capabilities to a targeted and influential audience.

“Moreover, the international reach of ISE allowed Cameo to showcase the ORON H2 to a global audience, maximising its visibility and impact in the market.”

Photos: Cameo