Rentman Releases New Mobile App

Rentman, maker of Europe’s rental software for AV rental companies, just released a major addition to its cloud-based rental management software. The new mobile app runs on devices such as smartphones or Android-based Zebra scanners, enabling users to manage inventory and rentals at no additional cost.

Rentman Mobile is meant to simplify equipment management in the warehouse while offering an affordable scanning solution for every company. On the app’s new features Roy van den Broek, Rentman CEO and former live sound engineer said: “With the addition of mobile scanning and a comprehensive user interface we hope that Rentman Mobile can solve even more of the problems that companies traditionally experience in the warehouse. We believe that not being bound to a computer when scanning gear is going to increase productivity exponentially.”

The newly released mobile app enables users to:

  • Book equipment in and out of the warehouse, using QR- and barcodes.  
  • Add extra equipment to the packing slip or switch to an alternative if necessary.
  • Report lost or damaged gear directly to staff, even when still on site.
  • Freely move around the warehouse without being tied to a computer.  

For added convenience, multiple users can work on the same digital pull sheet simultaneously, with information being updated in real-time. If User A is booking equipment, User B will see the performed action directly on their screen without any delay. Other functions of Rentman Mobile allow users to check their work schedules and access information about upcoming jobs and the venues.

The app is free for all users of Rentman and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. Companies that would like to test the app and browser-based solution can directly register for a free 30-day trial on Rentman’s website.

Warehouse managers that are looking for a more powerful scanning experience should consider using the app on Android-based Zebra Scanners like the model TC20 which can be purchased on Zebra’s website through its partner program.