Remote Recording Network optimises remote livestream of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 10

In yet another demonstration of the company’s unique remote production capabilities, Remote Recording Network (RRN) delivered audio fidelity for a hybrid livestream performance of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 10 — newly completed 194 years after the composer’s death — on 27 October 2021, at Hamburg’s renowned Elbphilharmonie.

The event was a revolution on two technological levels. First: Through a Deutsche Telekom project, international musicologists and artificial intelligence (AI) experts developed an AI to analyse Beethoven’s work and notes on the unfinished symphony, then created a complete version of the composer’s final work. Second: The Remote Recording Network team responsible for ensuring the best possible sound was not on site in Hamburg, but rather at Teldex Studio Berlin, an ideal environment for high-quality mixing.

Beethoven X: Pushing the boundaries of remote production

“We began development of a remote solution not because of the pandemic, but because we wanted to work in a perfect environment, both acoustically and technically,” said Remote Recording Network CEO, Peter Brandt. “With this production of Beethoven’s 10th performance and other live events, we have shown that we can direct and control all tech layers of a large-scale production from anywhere. We’ve proved that remote setups reduce costs while raising the bar for overall quality.”

The recording veteran also noted that the remote model not only eliminates the cost of broadcast vans, hotels, and travel costs for all the specialists, but also allows them to work from their perfect environment, literally anywhere in the world. The RRN remote tech stack works with T 5G, classic DSL, or fibre connection, or combinations of all three, enabling any production — including direction, live video, lighting, and sound controls — to go fully remote.

From a remote tech point of view, production of the live Symphony No. 10 concert was a rather small setup — and it wasn’t the RRN team’s first fully remote project. Their production of Around the World in 80 Milliseconds, in collaboration with Riedel Communications, earned the two companies and their technology partners an IBC2021 Innovation Award. For that landmark virtual live event, Riedel and RRN brought together teams working remotely across four countries and three continents.