Remembering: Michael Mueller, Vice President of Sales at Lawo

Michael Mueller, Vice President of Sales at Lawo

Lawo mourn the premature passing of colleague, team member, and friend, Michael Mueller, 66, described as a truly unique colleague, with whom Lawo had the pleasure to work together for more than a decade. He passed away after a brief illness on 26 September 2020 amid his loved ones.

Mueller brought a wealth of experience to his positions as US Sales and Marketing Manager, and later as Vice President of Sales, with Lawo North America. After his initial sales position with Audio Techniques of Stamford, CT in the mid to late 1980‘s, Mueller went on to assume positions with Scharff Weisberg Associates, Siemens Audio Inc. /AMS-Neve, Inc., Solid State Logic, and Fairlight USA. Prior to joining Lawo North America, he was Vice-President, Sales and Marketing for MediaGear, Inc. of Los Angeles, CA.

In his capacity with Lawo North America, Mueller was responsible for the further development of the Lawo brand identity throughout the United States and was also charged with increasing sales of the company’s numerous products.

Mueller joined the company in 2008 when the Lawo brand was hardly known in North America. His incredible passion, hard work, dedication, positive attitude and pure likeability, are among the reasons that the company today enjoys such widespread success and reputation in this part of the world. Known for his witty sense of humour and kind-hearted personality, Mueller is remembered as a key member of the global sales organisation, skilled bass player in the Lawo band, a renowned face of the audio industry as a whole and a true gentleman and friend. He will be missed. Our deepest condolences go out to his wife, family and friends at this difficult time.