Pure Relaxation with VIO System from dBTechnologies at Sunrise Reggae & Ska Festival

The Sunrise Reggae & Ska Festival 2019 took place in Burtenbach and attracted more than 5,000 visitors. With a star-peppered programme coming from all over the world, Sunrise is one of the biggest reggae events in Germany. Since 2018 event service provider Horst Enderer and his company Miet-PA have been in charge of the festival’s sound equipment. For this year’s edition, he extended the PA even more and used the VIO L212 system from dBTechnologies to deliver relaxed sounds at the main stage.

In retrospect Horst Enderer was very satisfied with the use of the VIO system: “Because of the very close personal relationship with the organiser duo, we have been looking after the Sunrise Reggae & Ska Festival for two years now. Our commitment is really a matter close to my heart. We have been dBTechnologies users for almost twenty years now, and the PA has once again provided enthusiastic festival visitors here.

The VIO system and its components are all made of one piece and play together perfectly, which makes working with it very pleasant. The response was very positive, not only from the audience but also from the bands and mixers, an important point when thinking about the perception of a festival.”

For the main stage, Enderer’s team installed 2 8 VIO L212 modules, flown, plus 16 VIO S218 (8 in a row, 2 on top of each other). As frontfill, 8 VIO L210s were placed on the subs. As infill 2 VIO S118 and 2 L210 were in use. The drumfill was 2 Sub 18H and 1 Ingenia IG3T. For the monitoring of the bands, 8 DVX DM12 and 6 DVX DM15 were stationed on stage. An Ingenia IG3T provided the sound at the FOH spot.