PSA: How to Apply for the Available £1.57bn in Funding

Production Services Association (PSA) reveals two simple steps to apply for the £1.57bn in funding is available to the live events sector – here’s how to apply.

As part of the UK Live Group, a collaborative group of trade associations in the live sector, Production Services Association (PSA) has revealed the appropriate steps the live events industry should take to apply for funding and support in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a recent email, the PSA addressed [sic]: “We know that Arts Council Funding is an alien world so we have about two weeks to upskill. If you have a project that could help create work, or maybe you’re a company member that supports the creative sector (you all do!), get these dates in your diary.”

The MVT’s primary funding consultant, Lucy Stone, has agreed to work with the industry on Arts Council applications. Next week, the Live Group will launch two webinars that those considering applying should attend.

1. Registering on Grantium: 2pm-3pm (GMT) on Wednesday 5 August 2020 
In order to make an application to the Arts Council for funding, all organisations must be registered on Grantium. It can be a very tricky process. The (private) link to this webinar is here. The webinar will be hosted on YouTube, and participants will be able to submit questions.

2. Applying for the Culture Fund: 11am-1pm (GMT) on Friday 7 August 2020 
This is a two hour webinar + Q&A on how to apply for funding.
The (private) link to this webinar is here. The webinar will be hosted on YouTube, and participants will be able to submit questions.

Lucy Stone will also be preparing guidance documents for both seminars in advance as well, which PSA will distribute. The Live Group will cover the cost of both webinars and the relevant guidance documentations.

Between the guidance documentation and webinars, that should be enough for PSA members to write an application. However, before submitting one, it’s strongly recommended that Lucy Stone or another consultant is employed to read through, and submit comments.

“We will work out detail of how to book enough time for members to have applications checked,” PSA explained. “It is essential that we have a record of each PSA member that is submitting an application to enable us to find the right help. Drop us a line after the webinars.”

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