Outline Webinar: How to Pass From CAD to Openarray

Outline will hold a free webinar in English on Zoom at 18 June for attendees to get to grips with OpenArray, the 3D acoustic prediction, modelling and simulation software written in the Brescia company’s laboratories and now at its second release.

This will not be a general presentation, as is clearly explained by the webinar’s title From CAD to OpenArray: users will be guided step by step through the preparation of the designs to be imported into OpenArray, starting from CAD programs.

The appointments on Zoom are:

From CAD to OpenArray – 18 June, 9am – Register

From CAD to OpenArray – 18 June, 6pm – Register

Giulio Gandini, who will host both sessions with the support of Paolo Calza, states, “I’m pleased to have the opportunity of explaining in depth what in my opinion is one of the software’s most interesting features: how to import designs into OpenArray directly from DXF files. We’ll begin with a recap of the key characteristics of the simulator and the audience section, focusing attention on the result and the amount of detail projects must have; after which we’ll explain what to import and how to do so. We shall then get to the heart of the matter with practical examples, for each of which the initial “datum” (Google image, CAD file) and the result to be obtained will be displayed. We’ll demonstrate how to import a simple area, for example a city square, then proceed with importing a more complex space, and answer participants’ questions.”

The Outline OpenArray webinars address System Engineers, PA Techs, FOH Engineers and everybody (even those who aren’t technicians) wishing to obtain more in-depth knowledge of one of the most powerful, fast and versatile programs currently available.

On 24 June, in the same time slots, Fernando Rey Méndez will host a webinar on Outline’s (patent pending) WFIR, the “warped” filters featured in Outline’s Newton processors, synonymous with top grade precision and musicality. A press release will follow.

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