MDG Weathers the Storms at PLASA London 2018

Photos: © Louise Stickland, courtesy of Robe lighting s.r.o

MDG enjoyed a hugely successful PLASA London where it presented its latest products. These included the new IP55-rated Me2 WPE fog and ATMe WPE haze generators, a standard Me2 fog generator, theFAN digital fan, and the ICE FOG Compack HP low fog generator alongside two award-winning products theONE dual mode haze and fog generator, winner of the LDI Best Debut product in 2010, and the RFP (Round Floor Pocket) which won the ABTT Engineering Product of the Year 2018 in June.

Alongside its regular stand, MDG was proud to have two of its new ATMe WPE weatherproof hazer generators and an ICE FOG Compack HP involved in the spectacular dance and light show on the adjacent Robe booth.

Inspired by Indian Jones and Tomb Raider movies, the show environment emulated tropical forests, caves and volcanoes. Here the MDG ATMe WPE machines really showed their true mettle as they stood for three days under torrential ‘tropical rain’, adding to the drama of the adventure unfolding on stage as they produced constant fine haze to showcase the lighting, even amid the downpours!

“People were very surprised to see a haze generator able to perform successfully in such harsh ‘outdoor’ conditions,” said MDG CEO Martin Michaud. “But seeing is believing, and we are proud to say our ATMe WPE units drew much admiration at the quality of the haze they produced, and the sheer volume of water they could tolerate being thrown at them! There is no doubt they are very capable of the job they were designed to do, that is provide powerful haze generation for permanent installation in theme parks, outdoor events and festivals, or theatre shows involving water effects, whatever the weather.”

The MDG ICE FOG Compack HP was sited up on the raised dance stage and provided lush amounts of low fog in which the ‘Fire Woman’ danced, her fire-eating antics adding a fabulous contrast with the pure-white smoothness of the low fog around her.

MDG ATMe WPE is laboratory-tested, approved and certified, to offer IP55 protection against adverse weather and ingress of dust which can cause costly and time-consuming maintenance problems for long-term installations in indoor and outdoor theme parks and attractions, come rain or shine. MDG ATMe WPE is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

It retains all ATMe’s characteristics and quality enabling it to create the finest, almost invisible mist which shows off the laser and light beams to perfection. Its ATMe pedigree also ensures it has the same qualities of safety and reliability, 100% duty cycle and the famous MDG APS (Automatic Purging System) that prevents residual build up and clogging, which are the hallmarks of all MDG haze and fog generators’ success. It can be controlled via DMX, is RDM-ready, and is suitable for use with CO2 or N2 gas. Its universal switching power supply (100-250 VAC, 50/60Hz, 715W) and CE/CSA/US certification ensure it can be used worldwide.