Luminex Releases LumiNode and LumiCore Firmware Update

ASP8024 Heritage Edition and ASP4816 - both consoles in Audient’s world-renowned ASP Series.

Luminex has revealed its latest LumiNode and LumiCore firmware (release v2.3.0) – offering KiNet protocol support, Chinese language support and advanced networking features to both product lines.

User feedback taught us that AVL professionals were looking for a solution that could have full control of lighting data and without being disrupted by unwanted or irrelevant data from different network stakeholders. However, it was not a simple task, especially with a large IT network like TV studios.

After thoroughly analyzing the needs, Luminex developed the advanced network configuration features for LumiCore, which offers three scenarios allowing network separation to match your specific use cases, and LumiNode, where the user has the choice between two networking scenarios.

In the second advanced scenario both LumiNode and LumiCore can be used to divide the network into groups (VLANS) and custom trunks and assign data streams, internal process engines and network ports to different groups, a concept derived from Luminex’ GigaCore ethernet switch products that stood the test of time in making networking much easier, accessible and reliable.