Luminex GigaCore Debuts AVB at Roskilde Festival

More than 130,000 people and 184 artists were able to witness the AVB debut of Luminex Network Intelligence in a strong cooperation with Bright Group and Meyer Sound systems at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

On both the Orange stage and the Arena stage audio was running on AVB protocol from Meyer Sound Galileo Galaxy 816 Network Platform through a rock-solid network of 28x GigaCore 10 switches of Luminex Network Intelligence.

“We were very happy to have Luminex on board for the Roskilde festival. There are many reasons to go for the GigaCore range of Luminex but definitely, the easiness, the GUI and the rock-solid reliable performance of their switches is remarkable.” Says Fredrik Arwidson from Bright Group Sweden. “Furthermore, we were delighted with the upfront training, the intensive testing in our Stockholm warehouse and with the presence of Roel Apers (Support engineer) of Luminex Network Intelligence during the festival.”

“It was a great experience to test and validate our equipment with the massive Meyer Sound system upfront. The Bright Group has an impressive technical knowledge and after the test-runs together with Dennis Tholema (Meyer Sound) I was very confident our AVB debut was going to be successful.” Says Roel Apers of Luminex Network Intelligence.

Artists like Bruno Mars, Eminem, Nine Inch Nails, Dua Lipa and many more were powered by Meyer Sound systems and Luminex Network Intelligence during the Roskilde festival.

CEO Bart Swinnen commented: “We are very proud of our new firmware release including the AVB feature. To debut of our AVB release at one of the largest European festival is exciting but also confirms the trust that our clients and other brand partners, like Meyer Sound, put into our company.”

Fredrik Arwidson from Bright Group Sweden concluded: “For quite some time we were in search for an easy networking solution for AVB. In the GigaCore range of Luminex you can enable AVB with one simple tick box that is by far the best evidence of #AVNetworkingMadeEasy.”