Live Company takes stock of Astera AX9

Live Company's Peter Clausen and Mikkel Bedsted. Photo: Louise Stickland

Live Company has invested in Astera AX9 to keep pace with the “incredible demand” for wireless LED products in Denmark.

Copenhagen-based Live Company was among the first rental houses in Denmark to invest in Astera, having purchased over 100 AX1 PixelTubes in 2018. The firm’s latest acquisitions include several sets of Titan Tubes and the newly launched AX9 PowerPAR.

AX9s were purchased specifically for Dejlig er Jorden, an operatic recital tour around Danish churches by an ensemble of opera singers and classical musicians. Lighting Designer, Súni Joensen specified 12 AX9s for the task. “AX9s are excellent front lights,” commented Live Company Owner, Peter Clausen. “We like to be at the forefront of lighting trends and that’s definitely where Astera is right now.”

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, AX1, given the fixtures’ versatility and ease of setup, were a popular rental choice for lighting designers and creatives involved in livestream and virtual live show offerings. “Titan Tubes and the AX1s are extremely versatile and great value,” Clausen said, going on to praise the ease of AsteraApp. “You basically have all the options to make your show or project work effectively.”

Looking forward, Clausen intends to stock Astera back catalogue of Tubes, PixelBricks, NYX Bulbs, AX3s, AX PARs, in the future. “For events, wireless lighting and control is the way forward,” he concluded.