Litecom Invests in Robe’s BMFLs and DL4s

Photos by Louise Stickland Left to right: Balder Thorrud (Litecom), Johan Kvartborg (Light Partner) and Rasmus Sorensen (Litecom)

Litecom, a lighting, video and automation rental and production specialist, headed by Rasmus Sorensen, has just invested in Robe BMFL Blades, DL4S Profiles and DL4F Wash luminaires which have joined the 80 Pointes already in its rental inventory, as the general demand for Robe fixtures in Scandinavia is growing.

In conjunction with its Swedish office, supplied lighting for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm which included 94 BMFLs specified by Lighting designer Fredrik Jonsson. Rasmus comments that the high CRI, the nice zoom and optics are all features Litecom likes on the BMFL and on the DL4 series.

Its latest purchase from Robe’s Danish distributor LightPartner includes 10 BMFL Blades, 20 DL4S Profiles and five DL4F fresnels, some of which are destined for a high profile theatre project in Sweden, a project which has come via Flashlight in Holland.

Over the years Litecom has dealt with several leading moving light brands, and Robe came on to its radar in particular after the launch of the Pointe in 2013, then with the original DL series of LED luminaires specifically designed for theatre and of course, the BMFL.

Litecom is also currently engaged in developing a proprietary follow stop style remote control system which is based around a BMFL Blade as the luminaire. It chose the fixture because of its very ‘organic’ movement, the real-time speed of its functions and the precision. With all the Lee colours listed on a macro, using it in a rock ‘n’ roll show or as a TV special makes it very simple to change colours and match or contrast to the general lighting via the buttons on their remote system.

There are high expectations for the BMFL and DL4S, and in particular a lot of excitement related to the longevity of the LED module compared to discharge fixtures and the cost of regular re-lamps.

Litecom offers several additional / related services as well as equipment rental, and these include production planning and production presentation and management, giving the ability to take on all aspects of an event if required, and with it, lots of added value over and above just being an equipment house.