Lifting the lid on Elation’s Pulse line

Bob Mentele, Elation Associate Product Manager, details the company’s new product line and what it means for the future of lighting live events...

What was the initial idea behind the creation of the Pulse Panel FX and new Pulse line?

“We saw what existed in the market with the industry-standard tilting strobe, and we knew we wanted to create something with a higher impact and offer a more visually dynamic effect. So, we experimented with placing the LED panel of a tilting strobe on a central pivot point, allowing the panel to be spun or panned. We engineered the panel to spin continuously in either direction, we also added extra CW LED strobes on the outer edges to offer more output and visual impact. We then capped those outer LEDs with a custom linear prismatic lens we developed for our Proteus Rayzor Blade fixtures to add a unique look to those lines of strobes. Finally we added a single line of RGB LEDs to the middle of the centre CW strobes, which we’ve coined the ‘StrobeLine’. “

Which features will end users be excited by?

“One of the most notable features of the Pulse Panel FX is its ability to pan or spin its LED panel in an endless rotation. This gives users not only the ability to spin the LEDs endlessly, but also create tilted angle offsets and waves along a line of panels. Locking the pan movement also allows the units to be placed directly next to one another, creating a continuous line of panels without the fear of the pan motor engaging and knocking the neighbouring fixtures.

“Another very noticeable feature is the overall intensity of the Pulse Panel FX and Pulse Panel; the Cool White strobe LEDs alone can produce over 100,000 lumens of output. We have over 48 zones of control for them, we’ve also spent a lot of time creating different settings and modes to allow a user to control the various parts of the fixture however they like. You can set the top and bottom CW strobe LEDs to mirror the center CW strobes. We also have added a centre line of RGB LEDs to the central strobe groupings. We’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about the built-in effects for the fixture and how to make it easier for programmers to control, or to save time in creating effects. The library of effects has been created to allow the user to control numerous parameters of the output being created.”

How has the Pulse Panel FX and the new Pulse line been developed to serve the live entertainment and rental market?

“Any time we begin to work on new fixtures, we focus on offering a product that will stand up to the rigours and expectations of our customers while not being too expensive to put it out of reach. Elation has become known for offering some of the most durable fixtures on the market, and this new series will continue that trend. All of the new Pulse family of products have been designed with durable exterior housings and are sealed to offer an IP65 rating. We stand behind our products and their durability in any environment.

“While developing this product family, we wanted to create a series that would offer the market a complimentary line of products that have been designed to offer similar visual impact with different fixture styles. All fixtures feature the same CW and RGB LEDs, so the colours and output will match. This will allow customers and designers to keep the design continuity intact depending on the various fixture types that may be needed to fill a stage.”

What has the response been like so far?

“The response has been phenomenal. The Pulse Panel FX has created a lot of excitement and positive feedback. The Pulse Panel, Pulse Bar S and L have all also received praise and you will surely be seeing them on a number of events very soon. All of the products will begin shipping by the end of May.”

Photos: Elation