LEA Professional partners Audio Geer in Southern California and Nevada

LEA Professional strengthens its sales, service and support in Southern California and Nevada by partnering with California-based Audio Geer.

LEA Professional has entered into a partnership with Audio Geer to strengthen the company’s presence and growing customer base in Southern California and Southern Nevada.

California-based Audio Geer is an independent manufacturer’s representative firm that brings more than 28 years of experience to the Pro Audio space. From sales and support to system integration to live event production, Audio Geer represents many of the best names in the business.

“From a technology standpoint, amplifiers have changed dramatically over the last few years yet several legacy amplifier companies have struggled to make a reliable transition to these new technologies,” said Alan Geer, President of Audio Geer. “Because of LEA’s history, it’s clear they know what they’re doing, what the market needs, and how to provide it. We’re thrilled to be working with a company of this calibre with such a foundation in the industry. Integrators and dealers of all types love the products that LEA Professional offers, how the company operates, and that they are friendly, competent, and reliable. We are very excited to welcome LEA Professional to our family of products.”

During the past two years, integrators have relied heavily on the LEA Professional technology, in particular the cloud platform, which has provided stability in a time of uncertainty. Unique within the industry, all LEA Professional Connect Series amplifiers leverage the built-in Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Core. This cloud platform allows integrators to control and monitor critical operational data points that are integral to maintaining system health securely and remotely. These cloud capabilities deliver greater visibility and response time which enhances preventative maintenance, simplifies troubleshooting, and cuts down or even eliminates on-site maintenance requirements.

“Integrator technology needs and business models alike have changed greatly over the last few years, and through our agile, flexible technology, LEA Professional has been there to meet those needs,” said Scott Robbins, VP of Global Sales for LEA Professional. “We’re delighted to add Audio Geer to our list of global sales partners and further advance LEA within Southern California and Southern Nevada. This is a very fast-paced, dynamic and demanding region for Pro Audio projects, and we are in excellent hands with Audio Geer.”