Lauten Audio introduces Snare Mic to the market

Lauten Audio has released Snare Mic – a purpose-built and compact FET condenser microphone designed explicitly for use on snare drums, providing up to 28dB of off-axis sound rejection. 

“Snare drums are the lifeblood of music. When you’re in a room with one, you don’t just hear it. You feel it in your bones. That sensation is really difficult to capture, which is why people throw so many microphones, post-processing, and even sound replacement at snare drums,” commented Lauten Audio President, Trent Thompson. “Our goal with Snare Mic was to make that process easy — one microphone that captures the totality of a snare drum without needing to do all of those other things.”

Snare Mic is built for getting the snare drum sound in a scenario where miking drums is required. Snare Mic’s hand-tuned capsule and wide frequency response provide enveloping, three-dimensional sound, while its off-axis rejection keeps that sound clear. Snare Mic’s onboard HP and LP filters also provide tone shaping at the source to make it easier to dial in the exact sound required without turning any knobs at a control desk.

The Snare Mic has been engineered for ease of use, long-term durability, and reliability. At 4.2”in length it fits within densely populated drum kits and works well in both stand and rim-mounted applications. Snare Mic’s solid brass headframe, vibration-resistant capsule design, and mildew-resistant dust filter ensure it will continue to provide snare drum sounds.