L8 Releases L8 CE

Photo: L8

L8 CE has been introduced in the world of three-dimensional visualisation. This is a Community Edition license with a price of € 88 ($ 98) for the well known L8 product.

The difference with the full commercial version is that it does not use a USB key, updates and support are limited to one year from the moment of activation, as well as some restrictions on the number of DMX inputs and the number of fixtures.

The L8 CE license uses the same code and libraries as the full L8 software, and can be easily unlocked with a USB key plugged in.

For all professional users, the L8 CE may be a good solution for simultaneously using the software on a pre-programming workstation and for everyone else involved in the process of creating the show.

For those who want to know the full power of L8 visualisation technology, this is the first step to study with.