L-Acoustics remains the brand of choice for alt-J’s audio crew

As the English trio close out their latest European tour, TPi speaks to the band’s audio team in the Zénith Paris to learn why L-Acoustics was once again the only brand of choice for this camp.

alt-J certainly holds a unique place within the indie-rock landscape, with a signature sound that makes them easily distinguishable from their peers. Due to their unique nature, it’s perhaps not surprising that they are a group that has always cared very much about their live sound. For example, pre-pandemic the band did numerous dates using an L-Acoustics L-ISA system, something which at the time was certainly not the norm. When TPi caught up with the band in late 2022, although not out with an immersive system, it was once again a tour where the crew and band put their faith in the brown boxes. 

“My main goal for this tour was to ensure we got an L-Acoustics PA,” said long-serving FOH Engineer, Lance Reynolds. Having worked with the band for a decade, Reynolds discussed their history with the PA brand. “A few years ago, I really sunk into L-Acoustics and made the switch after getting to use it during numerous festival dates. There’s something about the depth of the PA that really works for these guys. It feels like you can see inside the music more – almost as if you have a giant studio monitor.”

Words: Stew Hume

Photos: TPi