Ollie Horner reflects on BUSTED: 20th Anniversary & Greatest Hits Tour

Tour Manager, Ollie Horner reflects on the band’s successful reunion tour that accumulated over 200,000 in ticket sales and was crowned the highest-grossing UK arena tour of 2023.

It seemed that 2023 was very much the year of onstage reunions, with many in the UK jumping on the nostalgia train. Another band that is along for the ride is Busted, with the pop-punk trio recently celebrating their 20th anniversary with a record-breaking tour that ballooned from the original 15 planned dates to a whopping 27 performances across the UK and Ireland.

Having worked with the band four years prior to this latest campaign, Tour Manager Ollie Horner was eager to get back on the road. “This tour has been in the works for a long time,” he said. “When we kicked off, we were looking at 15 shows, which quickly grew to 27 by the end of it. We found out as everyone else did!”

Horner was pleased to report that each member of the core crew stayed along for the extra shows. “We were really lucky, and it was nice to see that everyone could stick it out to the end,” he stated. “A few of the team had to juggle other commitments to get over the line, but it all worked out great.”

Photos: Chazz Adnitt (@chazzadnit)

While the industry is back in full swing following the enforced break for COVID-19, Horner remains conscious of the potential pitfalls that can befall any large-scale tour. He told of the delays that have come post-COVID, mentioning that advance information from venues is coming a lot later than before the pandemic. There’s also a lot more caution when planning meet and greet packages with the band. “It just wasn’t possible this time around,” Horner reflected. “If any of the crew or band got sick, it would pose a threat to the show. Putting in that little bit of extra distance turned out to be the best policy for everyone.”

Horner has a wealth of experience working as a Promoter Representative for AEG, TEG, and Live Nation, and as Tour Management for McFly, Chase Atlantic and many others as well as being the Festival Director for Outbreak festival. Busted’s 20th Anniversary & Greatest Hits Tour hit the milestone of the highest-grossing UK arena tour of the year, which was a first for Horner and the band, who also achieved their first number-one album.

Ruminating on the tour, Horner looked back with pride. “None of us were really expecting the level when we first signed up – I don’t even think the band expected it,” he reflected. “The whole show did really well; everyone is very happy about it, and there are no complaints from me.”

Words: Alicia Pollitt

Photos: Chazz Adnitt (@chazzadnit)