INAVERSE Powers Fully Interactive 3D Event

From the experience creator who has designed festival stages around the world, Matt Chromatic invites you to explore the digital world of INAVERSE.

Created by Matt Chromatic, INAVERSE is a virtual platform that has been developed in conjunction with the leaders in the festival, production and gaming industry to experience live events in a digital space.

The virtual event invites fans to create their own customisable avatar and enter the world, move around, explore the space, dance, chat with friends or make new ones. The world can be enjoyed in full VR if you have a headset, or on your PC.  It also features a view-only mode available on phone devices if you just want to watch, however, users are recommended to create an avatar and join the party.

“With a dedicated team of industry professionals who are multi-skilled and fluent in live events, we are forging new pathways by creating a space for our rave culture to experience the best part of festivals in the comfort of their own homes,” commented Matt Chromatic.

Understanding that VR is a growing industry and this interface is the way of the future for live entertainment, Chromatic has adapted his decades of experience in designing and building festivals and transferred this into the virtual world.

“In a time where coming together to dance, enjoy music and have adventures with our friends has been placed on hold and we have seen our live music industry come to a sudden and heartbreaking halt, we have had to find ways to diversify,” said Chromatic.

INAVERSE will host multiple rooms, with some of the biggest names in the industry set to perform and while this is a fantasy realm, the people in the world are very real, the DJs, the show-teams, the artist liaisons to name a few.

As the first events are announced and line-up’s revealed, fans then have the opportunity to purchase tickets and VIP experiences. Whether it’s a GA ticket or a backstage experience, fans will be able to enter the site via their computer or devices to explore this entirely new entertainment paradigm: not just a festival site but an interactive gaming world, choose their festival avatar, grab a drink at the bar with friends and then hit the stages to hear their favourite artists playing an exclusive set just as you would at any festival.

Chromatic utilised NW Group’s facilities to do a full dress rehearsal with the DJ being green-screened into the virtual world in real-time. They were also running graphics and FX in real-time from resolume running their custom mapping file of the virtual venue.

By expanding his mindset and creativity, Chromatic has kept most of his real-world team busy with this project and has also managed to engage new staff and work for the industry. The first INAVERSE takes place this weekend with headliner MarLo set to lead the way into the digital space.