In Profile: James Gordon, CEO of Audiotonix

Following a new stage of investment with Ardian, Audiotonix CEO, James Gordon sits down with TPi’s Stew Hume to discuss the future of the group and the benefits of private equity.

Beginning as a group of enthusiasts with a passion for live music and, for many, an aversion to more ‘traditional’ jobs, it’s hard to believe how far the professional entertainment world has come. As much as we at TPi spend our time visiting touring production teams, manufacturers, live event companies and rental houses, our attention is also fixed on the business world of acquisitions, mergers and buyouts. Economists will rightly point out that such trends are indicators of a growing market. Good news, right? Well, according to James Gordon, there is an alternative available, which is why TPi travelled to the DiGiCo and Audiotonix HQ to retrace the history of the audio group and discuss the finer details of what private equity can bring to the events market.